• Under construction...

    The site as we began with a full construction team working along side us on the extension

  • Starting to take shape...

    Multiple parts of the project under progress at the same time

  • Transformation!

    The sloped bank has been tiered to create a level lawn area

  • Stone Water Feature

    Cavan’s stonehenge water feature as a central focal point in the gardens!

  • Courtyard Space

    Open paved areas provide an evening space for the hotel

Landscape Brief

Brackley Landscapes prepared a 3D design package that would compliment previous work completed and form new connections with the new extension. The landscape brief was to simply create impressive spaces that guests could use for various functions both day and night! The main….

Spaces created within the design:

• Open patio space to provide an outdoor area for people waiting or when guests arrive

• A secluded log cabin space

Project Elements

The complex project was taken from design through to completion by Brackley involving the following:

  • Excavation work within the courtyard and raised gardens! This involved bringing machines into the courtyard through the newly created link corridor without causing any damage!
  • Drainage of all soft and hard landscaped areas
  • ….