At Brackley Landscapes we provide a complete range of Landscape Architecture and Consultancy services to Architects, County Councils, Developers, Engineers and other professionals or bodies in need of specialist landscape design or advice. Our services in this field include the following:

Masterplanning & Planning Applications

Brackley landscapes recognise the importance of input from a qualified landscape professional to ensure the protection, sustainable development and proper maintenance of our landscape on a wider level. Poor planning practise have resulted in a decline in the quantity and quality of public open space in recent years and it is only through the proper control of such areas at planning level that we can improve this.

We recognise the changing role of public space in Ireland today and the important role ‘green space’ plays in improving our quality of life, contributing to recreational facilities as well as attracting investment and a providing a space for social and cultural events due to the ever-changing makeup of the Irish community.

Brackley landscapes aims to promote the importance of these areas, as habitats with important ecological significance, while ensuring the conservation of our regional identity and character. We feel this can be achieved by the increasing involvement of a Landscape Architect in the masterplanning process of design and planning.

We have the expertise, commitment and, most importantly, passion to help form a vital role in the masterplanning and planning phases of development.

Landscape Design Reports

In addition to the landscape masterplan required for planning permission, it is becoming common practice for the design to be accompanied by a report. The report documents the methodology behind the design and reasons for material and planting selection. The document thoroughly details the planting names, types, sizes, areas and specification. This ensures that the planning permission has the adequate detail for submission and reduces the likely hood of a request for further information.

Invasive Species Report

Brackley Landscapes also conduct site surveys to detail and report any existing invasive species that may be present on a proposed development site; such as japanese knotweed or horse tail weed. The report outlines any affected areas within the site and thoroughly outlines a step and step procedure to deal with the issue before further consequences arise.

Tree Surveys

The professional appraisal of existing vegetation on a site may be necessary in some instances – this is especially true if the site contains trees of special significance (due to the age, size, species type and health of tree, special landscape history and / or the occurrence of TPO’s (Tree Protection Orders).

We can provide prompt and professional advice and surveys in all aspects of tree surveys, such as:

  • Tree and site surveys in relation to planning applications and appeals.
  • Site surveying and consultancy work
  • Advice on tree damage, tree health and long-term management recommendations
  • Advice on Tree Protection Orders


Brackley Landscapes recognise the important role SuDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems) play in the sustainable development of our environment. Severe flooding on a national scale in recent years has highlighted the growing issues in relation to climate change and outdated drainage systems.

SuDS is a sequence of water management techniques and features which act to intercept and drain surface water in a more sustainable manner than simply relying on conventional run-off through pipe-work alone.  SuDs acts to slow down heavy run-off and hence eliminate the likelihood of flash-flooding.

Management techniques include the integration of watercourses and attenuation areas into a landscape design while also providing areas where water can be stored, zones where water can soak back into the ground and setting aside space where surface water is able to evaporate.

We have the experience, necessary skill and technical information to plan and design ways of incorporating such management features into a landscape plan through the inclusion of amenity areas such as ponds, lakes and water features.

Environmental Impact Assessment

Environmental Impact Assessment/ Landscape Visual Assessment’s
An Environmental Impact Assessment is an assessment carried out to anticipate the effects on the environment caused by a development. The formal document compiled as a result of an EIA is referred to as an EIS (Environmental Impact Statement). EIA’s are not necessary for all sites but are commonly required for larger developments. Under European Legislation, certain public and private projects require an EIA before they can proceed.

We have wide ranging experience in all aspects of the EIA process and in the compilation of an EIS. We have the necessary qualified staff and experience to project manage such a multi-disciplinary assessment and ensure that the EIA process runs smoothly and in the most timely and cost effective manner.

  • Planning Applications; Brackley Landscapes offer a full consultancy package, incorporating reports and assessments to aid in the success of your planning application.

  • We also offer landscape design plans for one-off house developments

  • Our plans include a detailed planting schedule, breakdown and specification for planning permission.

  • Brackley offers feasibility drawings and pre-planning strategy landscape plans for planning review

  • Brackley Landscapes offer a full consultancy package, incorporating reports and assessments to aid in the success of your planning application.

  • Brackley Landscapes also offer a full design package for multiple house developments

  • Another example of a simple red line boundary change and perimeter hedging proposal for a listed building.

  • A masterplan for an apartment development including a detailed planting schedule and roof garden layout

  • Part of the drawing packages includes detailed drawings of public spaces to illustrate a greater level of detail

  • Landscape design report to accompany the landscape masterplan

  • A detailed planting summary, schedule and specification report for planning submission

  • Brackley Landscapes offer complete planting schedules to accompany planning applications.

  • A number of detailed section drawings to illustrate building heights and the proposed planting to create screening

  • An invasive species report to highlight areas which require treatment

  • Visualisation; Before / After images illustrate a mature planting scheme for screening new housing developments.

  • Before / After Imagery; Brackley Landscapes offer before / after photoshop visualisations in order to aid successful planning applications where mature hedging is to be reinstated.

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