Landscape Brief

The landscape brief for the Cavan Crystal Hotel was to create family friendly gardens with a separate area to be used for events; such as weddings. An area of unused car parking spaces was the selected area to be transformed into the new hotel gardens. The landscape design includes a new paved entrance area with connecting footpaths to a family play area and a separate wedding garden space. A new hedge provides a soft barrier between spaces and closes the gardens off from the public road. A mixture of tree and shrub planting creates privacy from the gardens into the guests rooms. Surrounding the play area within the central island, three grass islands create a loop walk to the perimeter with lighting columns to direct guests.

The previously flat site now includes subtle landscape mounding to avoid being overlooked and create private spaces within the garden. A set of bespoke gates provide restricted access into the wedding garden. Throughout the project, a mixture of red brick edging, sandstone paving and gravel footpaths compliment the existing materials of the hotel. The new gardens provide flexible and multi functional areas that would suit family gatherings, corporate events as well as weddings.

Project Elements

The complex project was taken from design through to completion by Brackley involving the following:

  • Excavation and drainage works to whole site
  • Import and spreading of topsoil to whole gardens
  • Laying of brick edging and sandstone paving
  • Design and installation of complete lighting scheme
  • Design and installation of bespoke gates
  • Tree and shrub planting
  • Access road kerbing and surfacing
  • Design and installation of commercial grade play area
  • Soft pour play surfacing

  • The Site

    The site as we began to the rear of the hotel currently used as an overflow car park

  • New Garden Site

    Existing stone surfacing directly in front of guests rooms

  • Landscape Design

    A 3D landscape design was created to demonstrate what the completed gardens would look like!

  • Initial Works

    The project began with excavation and drainage works!

  • Creating the Design

    The paving edging started to show the shapes and layout of the design

  • Paving Works

    With the first patio area completed, the next stage was the spreading of topsoil!

  • Boundary Hedging

    A Prunus Lusitanica (Portuguese Laurel) hedge created the new garden boundary!

  • Wedding Garden

    The second sandstone patio area created the open space within the wedding garden!

  • Entrance Gates

    A bespoke set of gates create a separate wedding garden space!

  • Preparing Lawns

    Lawns raked in preparation for seeding!

  • Play Area

    The new family friendly play area under construction!

  • Planting

    Applying the final touches, planting of patio beds!

  • Almost Complete!

    With the new footpath gravel surfacing complete, lighting bollards installed and final planting under way, the completed project is in sight!

  • Complete Project

    A view of the completed wedding garden patio space and surrounding planting!

  • Wedding Patio Space!

    The red brick edging and sandstone paving really compliment the red brick construction of the hotel!

  • Landscape Mounding

    A series of landscape mounds help to create private spaces restricting the view through spaces!

  • Planting!

    The surrounding planting is a dramatic transformation from the original stone surfacing!

  • Play Area!

    A view of the completed play area with feature climbing frame and stainless steel slide!