Landscape Brief

The landscape brief for the Castleblayney Youth Centre was to create a sensory garden & meeting space, a new stage area complete with outdoor audio and link footpaths between the spaces. The design divided the existing large grass area into smaller sections, with the largest meeting space next to the existing poly tunnel and a new link path formed across to the stage area. The new colourful paving and edging choices compliment the new planting beds which really help to transform the space into a usable outdoor classroom meeting space.

Project Elements

The complex project was taken from design through to completion by Brackley involving the following:

  • Excavation work and drainage works
  • Paving, edging and concrete works
  • Design and installation of a complete lighting scheme
  • Design and planting of ground level beds
  • New concrete stage area and external audio system
  • Landscape Design

    The design layout for the main meeting space and water feature!

  • Under Construction...

    Site set up and fencing complete, with the first excavations under way!

  • Excavations

    The excavation work for the new footpaths and paving are complete, now for the kerbs!

  • Edging

    The new edging is being complete that will outline the new design!

  • Sensory Garden

    Creating the new meeting space and sensory garden!

  • Paving Underway

    The paving and water feature base is almost complete!

  • Stage Path

    A new footpath provides access to the new stage area!

  • Stage Area

    A new concrete stage area provides a performance area with outdoor speakers!

  • Stage Paving

    With the stage complete, the remaining paving works can be completed!

  • Planting

    The final finishing touches being made to the meeting space, with planting to create a sensory garden hub!

  • Lighting

    A long side the final planting, the bollard lighting is almost being completed which will allow the space to be used all year round!

  • Almost complete!

    The paving colour and borders work really well and alongside the water feature create a real focal point within the gardens!