Landscape Brief

The landscape brief for the hotel was to simply create impressive spaces that would provide functional areas for guests. The spaces needed to be flexible and multifunctional that would suit family gatherings, corporate events as well as weddings. Brackley Landscapes create a 3D landscape model for the entire area which connected and complimented works previously completed to the front of the hotel.

Project Elements

The complex project was taken from design through to completion by Brackley involving the following:

  • Excavation work within the courtyard and raised gardens! This involved bringing machines into the courtyard through the newly created link corridor without causing any damage!
  • Drainage of all soft and hard landscaped areas
  • Laying of silver granite paving and solid steps
  • Installing new retaining wall and curved stone walls
  • Installing central sandstone water feature
  • Extensive lighting design including bollards, up-lighters and spike lights
  • Under Construction...

    The site as we began with a full construction team working along side us on the extension

  • Central Water Feature

    Setting in three sandstone boulders which will provide the focal water feature

  • Courtyard

    Initial excavations within the courtyard space in preparation for the new footpaths and lawns

  • Aerial View

    A view from above of the new gardens!

  • Log Cabin

    A covered space within the garden ideal for a rainy day!

  • Outdoor Seating

    Large silver granite paving provides a great outdoor seating space

  • Water Feature

    A central water feature within the rear gardens

  • Rear Gardens

    A great family space at the rear of the hotel!

  • Entrance

    The entrance area from the rear gardens

  • Outdoor Seating

    An outdoor seating area using silver granite paving at the Brackley suite!

  • View From Inside

    A view from inside the hotel looking over the courtyard

  • Central Steps

    Feature stone walls and silver granite steps provide access to the rear gardens!

  • 1 Year On

    A visit back to the gardens to see how the planting has developed!

  • 1 Year On

    Another view from within the courtyard

  • 1 Year On

    Such a transformation!