Landscape Brief

The landscape brief for the project was to create a simple design using high quality materials that would compliment the house refurbishment. The project uses solid silver granite steps, kerbs and paving. To compliment the house window sills, the design also uses Irish blue limestone as edging to the granite paving.

Similarly the new pergola is constructed from timber to match the cladding which will age and mature to create a link between the house and gardens. The project uses a simple selection of planting which is repeated to form uniform blocks of colour to create a clean and contemporary finish! To the front boundary, a hedge and avenue of Carpinus betulus ‘Fastigiata’ create a formal planting style. The design aims to provide the maximum amount of usable space while at the same time providing a hard wearing and high quality outcome to the the property which compliments the refurbishment and contemporary extension.

Project Elements

The complex project was taken from design through to completion by Brackley involving the following:

  • Excavation work and drainage of all soft and hard landscaped areas
  • Installation of new entrance piers and paving
  • Laying of silver granite paving and solid steps
  • Extensive lighting design including up-lighters and spike lights
  • Installation of play area and sunken trampoline
  • Planting scheme to beds and lawns
  • Drainage and seeding of lawns
  • Under Construction...

    Solid silver granite kerbs going in to provide the new driveway edge!

  • Pedestrian Entrance

    Installing a stone base to the pedestrian pathway!

  • Front Door

    A solid silver granite step provides a simple and sharp entrance!

  • Granite Footpath

    A silver granite footpath provides access around the house

  • Front Door

    Step & paving complete, using silver granite paving to create a clean contemporary finish.

  • Completed Project!

    The use of Irish blue limestone edging really complements the house!

  • Entrance Avenue

    An avenue of carpinus betulus fastigiata creates a modern and formal front entrance area!

  • Kerbing

    A raised silver granite kerb and flush edging help to create a very sharp and clean finish!

  • Pergola

    A simple pergola matches the cladding of the house while providing a shaded space to the edge of the patio!

  • Paving Closeup

    A close up view of the silver granite paving!

  • Storage

    The paved corner allows for storage while keeping the main pathways free

  • Planting

    A feature long planting bed uses a uniform planting style to create a clean and contemporary finish!